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Consultancy Services > Website Design and Promotion
Basic Principles Applied to Build websites :

The first steps in your approach to the project :

* To evaluate the market and the target audience the website will address.
* Review current status of the Product and its web presence.
* Understand requirements of both the Product / Producers as well as the target audience..
* Develop an action plan unique to market the Product.

• The use of efficient navigation, streamlined content and speedy delivery to present simple yet powerful messages, will enable one to leapfrog competition.

• Subsequent to deciding on the right strategy for the website , an Information Architecture tailored to build up a business process that will suit both one’s Product and basic needs will have to be drawn up, taking in to account scalability, responsiveness, order and creativity.

• Exceptional Web sites have an appropriate mix of great functionality; fast download speed, well-presented and relevant information.

• With a proper IT consultancy firm as one’s e-business partner / service provider, one can be sure of the insight, ability, and breadth of services and depth of resources that all goes into creating e-commerce successes. With the power of IT by one’s side business can be instantly responsive, totally scalable and with innovative solutions the market leadership and profitable e-business opportunities can be created.

• Teaming up with the right e-business partner is the key to e-business survival. E-commerce developers are total solution providers of e-business solutions and system integration services, high velocity middle market companies and start-ups with technical expertise to:

* Integrate, implement the latest e-business innovations
* Develop large scale, mission critical e-business solutions.

• A good web consultant can help its client website with a host of web maintenance services and management issues to manage and maintain websites, like: -

* Domain name registration
* Hosting / Site maintenance
* Search Engine Listings
* Updating content
* Maintaining email accounts
* Adding new features
* Another very important tool is Online Tracking, through which you can track traffic (e.g. - page views) through your site.

• Value-Added Services (VAS) go beyond the Basic Services offered.Because of their in-depth and customized nature, additional charges are involved. In today's competitive world, many established software firms, with good infrastructures have realized that merely supplying the software is not sufficient to retain customer loyalty, and that they needed to move up the value chain, by offering complete solutions focused on the customers actual needs.
• Complete e-commerce solutions provide many levels of consulting, from simple handholding, in the early stages, to fully integrated solutions. consultants provide help at every stage of a client’s transition to the information age. It excels in chalking out the course of action to convert the client’s visions for the electronic future into a reality.

• From single problem applications to complete turnkey solutions, a good e-commerce consultancy builds strategic relationships by delivering quality software, responsive services and significant cost savings to its clients, at their doorsteps.

• The SOLUTIONS APPROACH is a five-step process, which begins with a comprehensive examination of the business objectives and the technology infrastructure in order to determine how the investments that is to be made can be leveraged toward the ultimate business goals.

Evaluate => Define => Analyze => Design => Execute

• The goals of an IT strategy for an organization can be with a view to increasing efficiencies, competitiveness, increasing profit margins or revenue generation. It is fundamental to success in developing and integrating solutions and in gaining from them.

• In today's world, the pace at which technology is affecting business scenarios is fast. If that itself were not complex enough, technologies are changing at even a faster pace. It has therefore become exceptionally difficult for an enterprise focused on its business to be prepared for this change much less than take advantage of it.

• Good consultancy firms prefer to work with clients rather than for them. They fortify and evolve the strategy of their client websites to take advantage of these changing scenarios.

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