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Consultancy Services > e-Administration
  • Purpose

The purpose of e-Administration will be to provide an IT framework, which works as a bridge in between different departments and offices. It works as a communication framework through which various types of information are exchanged between different offices and officials for smooth administration and information flow.

  • Mode of access

If the offices are located in different locations Internet is the mode of access. A centrally placed Web Server will be storing all the information and all the offices and user will be accessing the same via the website. All the users will be logging in to the website to access the information.

In another case if the office is located in one campus an Intranet System solves the purpose.

  • Security Access

Different users will have unique login id and email ids through which they will use the system. Depending on the users designation and rights to information according access will be assigned to their login ids which will automatically access/restrict their concerned parts.

For example, a user from production department has access to only his/her department. And suppose the Chairman/CMD logs in he will have the access to the complete website. And suppose the zonal manager logs in he will have the access to his/her zone only.

  • Functionalities

e-Administration will basically cover the following rough functionalities:

1. Information flow of all the departments and offices in the organization.
2. Covering all the processes and channels of information in the organization.
3. Provide a communication backbone through Internet for all official correspondence.
4. Make available all the vital information required for all managerial levels and help them in decision-making process.
5. Help the users of different levels to easily input and extract the data and make it available for others.

  • Reports

e-Administration will provide following types of reports for DSS and other purposes.

1. Analytical reports
2. Summary reports
3. Criteria based reports
4. Graphical analysis
5. Comparison Reports

  • Graphical Analysis

Graphical analysis will help the users to visually understand the information, which is easier for analysis then data based reports in certain cases.

1. Comparison graphs
2. Series graphs
3. Bar charts
4. Other modes of graphical analysis

  • Info-Xchange

Info-Xchange (Information Exchange) will be basically work as a base where different users across the organization can send official letters, email, memos or circulars to other people. This keeps tracks of all the official correspondence and saves your manual sending/paper costs and also the valuable time which is spent on correspondence.

  • Conclusion

The above proposed solution and the demonstration is just a small prototype of what e-Administration can do for us. In real case a detailed model can be developed after individually understanding the processes of the organization and doing a system study of it.

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