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Orissa was famous even in ancient times as an exporter of textiles to many parts of the civilized world and the handloom craft in Orissa has survived the ravages of time and still being produced .While buying Orissa Handlooms you not only cater to the livelyhood of the weavers of Orissa , you also buy a piece of design which is very ancient. These sarees and other associated products are produced in the western parts of Orissa in the districts of Sambalpur and Sonepur and hence more popularly known as the sambalpuri and sonepuri designs of handloom fabrics.

We have exclusive tie up with the best of the best in Orissa Handloom organisations...the Mehers group of companies to bring to you Sarees in both Silk and Cotton as well as other associated handloom products for online sales.
  Maniabandhi Handloom
Silk Sarees
Cotton Sarees
Though not as super exclusive as the sambalpuri and sonepuri handlooms , the traditional weavings of Maniabandhs in the district of Cuttack in the eastern region of orissa is known as Maniabandhi Handlooms and have survived from the ancient times.Here you will be able to find the traditional animal motiffs and other desings very typical of Maniabandhi styles. Maniabandhi products can be termed as value for money product and relatively cheaper and caters mostly to the needs of the people of Orissa.

With our exclusive site up with organisation Maniabandhi Handlooms Private Llimited we have a collection of Maniabandhi sarees in both silk and cotton for online sales.

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