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Silver Filigree
Silver Filigree or "TARAKASHI" as it is known in Orissa from the Cuttack region is one of the most exquisite renditions of Silver craft. Beaten silver is drawn into fine wires and foils, which are then fashioned together to create jewellery of infinite beauty. Royal household were known to hanker after the snow-glazed filigree pieces of Cuttack.

Items manufactured cover a wide range though they can be broadly divide into a few categories. First there are the ornaments for the ladies which include necklaces, brooches, ear pendants, anklets, hairpins and bagles etc. Another form of specialised jewellery is those used by the Odissi dancers.Then comes the decorative items, utility items, show peices etc.

SIlver filigree has been an important export item of Orissa from ancient times and has been a symbol of the excellence reached by Orissa's craftsmen.

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