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Consultancy Services > Total Solution Package

A total solution system in which we provide a chosen few potential organisations whom we beleive to be working on for a long period of time the complete solution package for exports. Main focus areas are described below :
* when we talk of exports, we need to understand some of the very fundamental areas in the production of the exportable product.First of all we need to quantify our clinet's production, so that he can then negotiate with foreign buyers knowing his true potential.

* In international market, quality is of utmost importance. But so far except for a very few, nobody in India really cares for quality in manufacturing. Business organizations must concentrate on quality and that is the key factor for success in exports. The top management of the company should understand this need clearly and also create awareness amongst the other employees to get the results. Our consultants work along with you to give you the necesary feed backs to develope products those are acceptable in the international market.

* Marketing through the web is the main focus area and we have the experience and expertise in that field. we use our databases, technical know how and innovations to present the products in the internet.

* We plan to market the products of potential producers and exporters through their individual websites. So that they can avail of their expertise and pioneering efforts in this particular field and at the same time they can be financially benefited by marketing the products through our own marketing channels.

* Some simple yet important aspect of exports that is packaging is completely ignored and we work in this area to make it much attractive to boost exports.

* we work with the manufacturers as well as the buyers to refine and redesign the current production. They are the medium to understand both party’s needs as well as limitations and see that the business process is smooth and worth all the way.

* We are not a single person teams. We have in their fold Management experts , Financial experts , IT experts etc. and they work united to provide companies a total solution package.

* Live support and assistance system has always been something that the exporters have been looking for and now with complete solution packages odissa.biz is providing to our clients. One of the major factors against exports from Orissa is lack of knowledge about the processes involved , live support system and step by step guide but we are here to walk you through each step.

* Courier service and packaging agent, another core area in exports is to be covered as well. One has to be careful while choosing courier companies with competence and infrastructure, who are ready to provide all assistance during the shipment processing and delivery including tracking of the shipment by both exporter as well as the buyer to know the exact status of the shipment.we have the tie ups with the very best and hence you can in turn enjoy that benefit as well.

* There are also so many other aspects in the consultancy services that can be provided for guidance of the exports company. Mainly preparing an export organization for the on coming WTO and GATT, exports procedures, RBI norms, marketing products using internet as a medium that is by creating websites etc.


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